Let us know what you need and we will tell you when it can be done.

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Home Setups?

Of course. From Going shopping with you to make sure you have everything installed correctly where are here for it all.

How Much does It cost?

Each job will have its own Complexities and depends on the requirements, Generally It is around $50 a hour

What can we do?

Anything. And If we don't know or if it is outside of our scope, We will give you all the details you need and Hand you off to our Business Partners

One off or On going training

The idea is to get you to the stage where you do not need us anymore, We are happy to guide you through the full process. Training and Support is how we started.

Have we seen your work before?

Likely... We work with a lot of Businesses Nationwide and some internationally. Small Business are where you will find us.