• We proudly present to you our Microsoft Certified Retail Technician (MCRT). This title isn't just a fancy tag. It's a seal of approval which validates that we provide expert advice, showcase demonstrations, and first-rate customer service around Microsoft's product suite in a retail environment.

    As an MCRT, we don't just understand Microsoft products — we live and breathe them. We're here to ensure you're paired with the right tech solutions to address your unique needs and can guide you through setup and troubleshooting as well.

    In essence: we speak fluent Microsoft, and we're here to translate. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Microsoft's wide array of products and your tech needs. Trust us to unlock the full potential of Microsoft technology for your benefit

  • we're elevating our cloud solutions by providing expert services from a Microsoft Certified: Azure Associate.

    Earned only by top-class tech professionals, this certification denotes an advanced understanding of Azure operations and services, cloud concepts, security, and privacy. As a Microsoft Certified Azure Associate, we have the skills to develop, implement, and manage robust cloud solutions using Microsoft's powerful Azure platform.

    Whether you're an individual or business, we're here to take the complexity out of cloud computing, guiding you through the migration process, helping you understand Azure resources, or building and managing applications in the Azure sphere.

    Sick of cloud confusion? With our Azure Associate certification, we've got the know-how to make it a breeze. We're experts at creating cloud solutions tailored to your needs and ensuring that you can comfortably navigate the Azure skies.

And Now Me...

Welcome I'm Matt Lenz, the proud owner and your techie captain on board this solution-driven ship!

Servicing all corners of Wairarapa. Whether you’re in Masterton, Martinborough or any charming spot in between, we’ve got your tech needs covered.

From tailored IT support, Wi-Fi optimization to AI consultation, we provide a wide range of services to help you untangle tech complications. We understand the unique needs of our Wairarapa community and are committed to delivering services that make the digital world a breeze for our local folks. If you're looking for top-notch, friendly, and local IT assistance in Wairarapa, look no further than Mattlenz.tech.

My knowledge of the IT industry's ins and outs and my knack for sniffing out potential solutions to complex challenges helped me bridge the often confusing gap between tech and business.

Whether it's helping you set up your printer or guiding you to choose the right software for your business, I’m thrilled to handle all your IT concerns. With my experience, a dose of Kiwi charm, and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, I’m truly excited to help you make your life a little less tangled!

Welcome to MattLenz.Tech where IT's always easy. Reach out, and let's get your tech problems sorted, shall we?.